Smartphones and tablets

... have taken over the workplace!  !

Mobility is no longer just an option...

Instead, it really is an extension of the information system, providing a new strategic focus for general management and business leaders. Eventually, all the company's applications will have a mobile extension. 

Mobility creates new practices that offer new outlooks for your business. 


Our goal is to help you adopt an enterprise application (business applications, Web, client relationship, management applications, performance management, ERP, etc.) 

This can be accomplished through our creative and technical know-how. 

The key is to streamline the development of your future mobile application.

Mobility is strategic and central to the digital transformation process. Cross Agency can provide mobile marketing consulting and help you define your mobile strategy, design your applications, increase the visibility of your operations, and measure your traffic.


Our approach involves a comprehensive approach along with solutions tailored to your project, big or small. We work with you to implement your project through the following phases:

Discover and define your mobility needs

Evaluate the benefits of mobility, identify the stakeholders, validate the opportunities, and define related use scenarios.

Design your application

Select and implement the initial components of your mobile platform, application management solutions, and device management applications.  Our role is to assist you in researching and selecting mobile devices. This is a crucial phase for refining the specifications of your mobile services.

Develop your application 

Depending on your project, it may be necessary to leverage your existing applications (including your websites) to make them compatible with the off-the-shelf devices or to design new mobile applications (or "apps") for internal or external use.

Deploy: deliver and launch your application.

  • Establish processes for using and monitoring your platform.
  • Train and support teams in change management.
  • Make the most of best practices.
  • Set up third-party application maintenance.


Discuss the scalability and future of your application

Once delivered, a mobile project is far from finished! Applications change over time and as the company's needs evolve. We can help you develop action plans based on changes to your solution.

All corporate mobile projects are now strategic.

50/50 : solution technique et management du changement.

That means that, if 50% of our workload is allocated to defining and implementing the technical solution, the remaining 50% is spent supporting your teams in rolling out and sustaining the solution.


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