Our vision

E-commerce is an integral part of the everyday lives of consumers… and has steadily grown each year, compared to traditional commerce.

Why is this?

It is because of ongoing changes in technology, resulting in constant changes in consumption and purchasing.

Two trends stand out :

  • Consumers look at a product on one medium and then complete their purchase later on sanother medium or in a brick-and-mortar store. This is ATAWAD: “any time, any where, any device”.
  • Before finalizing a purchase, clients very often visit a store to test the product, read consumer reviews online, get advice on social networks, compare against alternatives, search the web for the best price for an equivalent service, and so on...

How can these trends be addressed, considering this new purchasing behavior? 

  • How should the omnichannel experience be approached?
  • Is it actually required?
  • More specifically, how should you meet your clients' expectations, and which solutions should you use?

E-commerce is a component of "connected commerce". With this in mind, we work with you on a day-to-day basis through our marketing, sectoral, and technological expertise.

Vers le commerce connecté


  • Define your overall digital strategy.
  • Adopt an upstream marketing-oriented approach.
  • Manage the overall e-commerce vision.
  • Develop a thorough knowledge of the tools through ongoing monitoring by our experts and our Research & Innovation department.
  • Apply our proven experience in mission-critical business and technical projects.


We offer personalized support, tailored to your issues and your needs.

Successfully launch or revamp your e-commerce business with a well-defined strategy from the start :

  • Opportunistic strategy: become a leader in a sector where e-commerce is not already common.
  • Competitive strategy: compete against rising industry players.
  • Financial strategy: increase revenues or make business more profitable by going paperless.
  • Marketing strategy: use a sales platform to target, attract, and retain specific client segments.


Regardless of your strategy, it is important to set boundaries and identify resources in order to confirm decisions made in the future. Cross Agency can help you and provide consulting services as you define your 360° strategy.

Use solutions tailored to your needs and organization :

  • An e-commerce solution with little connection to the information system or an all-inclusive online sales platform
  • Multiple devices and an omnichannel experience
  • Process integration: product, price, and client reference data, interactions with the supply chain (returns, refunds, customer service, repairs, exchanges, etc.)

Have ways to manage the platform using relevant indicators and tools :


Once the e-commerce platform is in place, it is essential to manage your business, from a functional and technical standpoint, through value-added business indicators and dedicated analysis tools.


Provide Time-to-Market guarantees to the marketing teams while maintaining service quality :


Who ever said that the agility and speed expected by business teams are incompatible with the integrity and reliability required by an IS manager? From day one of the project, Cross sets up tools for continuous integration, staging, non-regression testing, deployment, and automatic performance testing. The goal is to guarantee the integrity of your processes and applications despite ongoing changes.


Anticipate and plan :

The purpose of a sales platform is to evolve through strategic marketing activity into the services it provides. Our management tools (relevance matrix, gap analysis, and capacity planning) help you anticipate and understand changes affecting your sales platform.

Adopt and manage solutions​ :


The marketing, technical, and functional teams that manage the e-commerce platform on a day-to-day basis must control all its inner workings. That's why we always include change support in our methodology.



Our consultants and experts cover all phases of an e-commerce project :

Provide support and consulting regarding your digital transformation : 

We work with you in your digital transformation during the early phases (definition and scoping) of e-commerce projects by providing examples, client benchmarks, and analyses tailored to your situation.

Business-oriented functional and technical expertise :

We guide you through the phases of writing specifications, gathering needs, and designing and implementing e-commerce solutions with the help of our functional experts on multiple solutions, our technical experts on information system interfaces, our senior consultants on business areas using online sales platforms, and our experienced project managers and developers.

Support for defining a brand platform :

Creative approach, storyboarding, brand design, support for building a roadmap for the year, etc.

Support for the management and activity of your sales platform :

Analysis or management of your online platform (SEM, SEO, third-party application maintenance, etc.)


There are lots of e-commerce solutions, recommendation engines, searchandising solutions, retargeting solutions, and affinity merchandising solutions 

available today, including manufacturer solutions, SaaS or Cloud solutions, and open-source solutions. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

We work with leading software companies offering the market's best solutions, including Magento and Prediggo.

We always offer our customers the solutions we feel best fit their needs, with no influence from the software companies.

Do you want to develop a strategy meeting the new purchasing behaviors?

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