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The advent of digital technology and mobility has revolutionized consumer behavior. That's why it is time to answer this question: what relationship do you want to develop with your clients in the future?

Your answer is all the more important because it affects the entire client relationship lifecycle, from early prospecting and engagement to subsequent involvement in the client experience with your products and services.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Customer Experience Management (CEM) are two complementary and inseparable concepts used in managing the client value lifecycle.

CRM provides a focused approach to controlling costs and improving productivity, established through the company's point of view. The goal is to improve client relationship management processes, including marketing, sales, and service.

Today, the digital revolution and its impact on behavior have made it necessary to rethink the client relationship from the client's perspective with a two-pronged objective: service quality and client satisfaction. 


In the age of Big Data and a lightning-speed, massive increase in data volume, the ability to unify all client data through channels is a major challenge. It provides a full, unified view of client information, certain to provide added experience. 

In addition, the innovation inherent to new practices and new technologies makes any medium- and long-term planning and forecasting difficult.Our client information management specialists can help you put agile, "learning" systems into place. The idea is to gradually direct and support the transformation of your business model. 
This is accomplished using an innovative method of integrating CRM software to limit the "tunnel effect" associated with such projects and to reinforce the purpose of the equipment. We use mature vertical solutions for this. 
The goal of your relationship with the client is to make your client a partner for life! In business, the complexity lies in sharing these objectives in terms of management, organization, and personal impact. We can help you adopt the right attitude to attract clients, win them over, and keep them coming back using a comprehensive and integrated CRM vision incorporating business, the organization, and IT.


Know and recognize

The cornerstone of your strategy! Your client data needs a secure information management platform consistent with the back office.

Engage, inspire, and animate

Think practices and usability! Your client scenario must have a front office using agile processes through multiple physical and digital channels. 


Real time, agility, and high extensibility are central to this middle office dimension. 

Bring IT and business in line

An absolute must! Reinvent how your entities operate to build a close, lasting relationship between your various business areas.

With our expertise and our responsiveness, we can help you differentiate, particularly in your short-cycle projects.


  • Alignment of the client relationship strategy : scoping the CRM plan, conducting seminars, and implementing the plan's vision, roadmap, and savings.
  • CRM business consulting : audit of the existing system, target processes, impact analysis, expression of needs, and project management assistance and business support during the operations phase of IT solutions.
  • CRM IT consulting : architecture and selection of tools.
  • Preparation and change management : communication, impact on process/organization, documentation, training, and e-learning.
  • CRM IT services : integration, deployment, training, and application maintenance.


Our services focus on three key areas :

  • Customer Information Management: client reference data, information modeling, data quality, personal data security, and data integration.
  • Client knowledge and management to improve client value: discovery, analysis, segmentation, scoring, data mining, etc...
  • Marketing processes
  • Sales processes, sales support, and customer service

Two cross-cutting services focused on specific best practices :

  • Le CRM mobile et les objets connectés
  • Social media


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