Our vision

New data related to the Big Data effect, information and quality levels, multiple channels, information volatility, highly personalized data needs, unique client experience, and more. This is the new order brought about by the digital (r)evolution. 

In this environment, you must take control of your relationship with your clients and prospects. Don't just get to know them... You need to create a proactive relationship with them. Why? So that you can send them a variety of relevant proposals at the right time. This can be accomplished by using all of your data to effectively adapt your client and prospect scenarios.




With the help of our client knowledge experts, you can now identify, organize, and standardize all of your relevant internal and external data and thus reach your business goals.

We use your data optimally by :

  • Making the most of your internal teams.
  • Aggregating international, sectoral, and cross-sectoral best practices.
  • Introducing innovative methods to optimize the performance and sustainability of your analyses and models..
  • Automating the process to ensure an immediate internal handover.

Our added value :

  • We bring everyone together around committed projects to ensure project success.
  • We make it easier to make decisions and quickly and efficiently pursue marketing and sales actions.
  • We easily adapt to your sector, your challenges, and your situation (tools, data, etc.).


We work with you to roll out new marketing and sales strategies in line with your business objectives in order to :

  • Increase the value generated by clients identified as having potential.
  • Keep your clients coming back.
  • Retain and "reactivate" your low-activity clients.
  • Identify your most promising prospects to go after.
  • Evaluate the performance and relevance of your actions in order to concentrate your efforts on the most profitable actions.

Improve the satisfaction of your clients and convert them into brand advocates in order to :

  • Easily access all relevant performance management indicators for faster decision-making.
  • Anticipate a vital competitive advantage.


Our team includes data scientists and specialists in econometrics and business intelligence.

Our experts are on the cutting-edge of new techniques for processing and analyzing data, and they are active in all business sectors through their mastery of all data mining tools (certifications in SAS, IBM SPSS, and SAP KXEN, etc.).


align your challenges with the project to be completed by conducting business-level workshops.



gather all the relevant data and make it consistent (create reference data, clean up data, remove duplicates, etc.), regardless of the data sources and formats.


analyze the quality of the usable data and map it based on your issues



build a reliable and sustainable model that can be used in operations (segmentation, score, prediction tool, etc.).


interpret the obtained results and always make operational recommendations


ensure that your teams develop skills quickly and work together on products through our international experience


Data marketing : centralize and effectively use all the relevant information needed to categorize a client/prospect. 360° view, data quality, unstructured data (text mining, web mining), client indicators, Big Data.

Strategic marketing : adapt your strategy according to the profiles of your clients/prospects and maximize the profitability generated over time. Master plans (marketing, data mining), analyses of client scenarios, analyses of client value, business plans.

Operational marketing : optimized and proactive targeting of your clients/prospects in multiple channels. Diagnostic of client assets, analysis of client/prospect behavior, associations (products/campaigns), segmentations, level of opportunity and risk.

Management : have all the indicators to quickly make the right decisions. Client monitoring, multichannel performance management, profitability analyses and calculations.

Tools : be able to automate client knowledge, consult it, and make it last. Implementation and optimization of the use of data mining, reporting, and data visualization tools.

Operational excellence : optimize the supply and use of best practices. Streamlining, innovation, change management, coaching.

You want to improve your customers' satisfaction and achieve your business goals?

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