Our Vision

We are entering a new era, filled with hyperconnected lives, the Internet of Things (or Internet of Everything), nonstop information, wave after wave of innovations, and an ever-changing business ecosystem. Digital technology and data are driving this revolution.

Big Data is central to a company's critical issues, as long as we know how to collect it and correctly use it.  Yet this task is complicated by the extensive number of internal and external sources of information available. This is where Big Data fits into a company's strategy.

Big Data repositions the relationship between IT departments and business. The end result is greater competitiveness and increased performance. But there's a catch... you must be capable of putting the massive amount of analyzed data to good use, both technically and in practice. The IS department now lends its skills to the operations team, shaking up the organization of the company. The goal is for business information to line up with the company strategy.

The key challenges of Big Data are:

  • transforming data into actions and results
  • mastering technologies
  • protecting the confidentiality and security of sensitive data
  • controlling operations
  • trusting the quality of the data
  • governing the data


CROSS works with you throughout your project to help you swiftly attain the intended value of the internal and external data that affects your company's key activities.

A Big Data project is no ordinary project. It causes profound upheavals in step with your company's strategy. That's why our teams help you on the following points:

  • Scoping the project: its description, who is involved, possible scenarios, and expected benefits
  • Implementing "Proofs-of-Concept": adopting an approach that is both agile and strategic
  • Sponsoring the project 
  • Managing: definition of the composition, role, and governance of the project's strategy committee
  • Educating the strategy committee on the specifics of Big Data
  • Identifying the project's challenges, goals, and milestones
  • Preparing the resources and budget for the project
  • Defining the monitoring and evaluation rules for the strategy committee
  • Accelerating the rollout of your Big Data platforms and the training of your teams

Our sophisticated knowledge of digital transformation in business, our technological expertise in Big Data, and our value-focused approach help you achieve your objectives more quickly in an increasingly competitive environment.

Client benefits

  • Innovative 360° view of your business concerns
  • Faster transformation of the company into a data-driven organization
  • Demonstrated ROI
  • Access to key competencies for a successful Big Data project (business viewpoint, technologies, and data science)
  • Fast and phased implementation of all the core components: data integration, analysis, statistics/algorithms, advanced data visualization, etc.
  • Increased predictive ability
  • Flexibility, agility, and performance


We work with you to define your Big Data strategy, with a focus on aligning with the company's goals and identifying business cases, resources, skills, technologies, partnerships, alternative models, change management, and a rollout plan.
We can implement a Big Data platform in record time – just two or three months – to produce agile proofs-of-concept that can demonstrate the value you can draw from internal and external data. 


We allow you to view your business in a new light, free from the complexity and diversity of the data sources. We support the top Advanced Data Visualization solutions (Qlik, Tableau, Board, etc.).


Faced with increasingly complex business challenges, we meticulously analyze your business to better understand what drives improvement in your Revenue/Cost performance.


We increase your ability to detect and anticipate opportunities and threats related to your business. Our outstanding performance in client retention/acquisition, sales, and quality improvements extends also into manufacturing, with failure predictions and cause analysis. 


Our technical teams will help you define the right target Big Data architecture for you and will guide you through the change process.  We can also assist you with your Big Data developments.


our clients

Our customers operate mainly in the areas of luxury, banking, retail, telecommunications ...


  • REFERENCE : Boulanger
  • REFERENCE : Orange
  • REFERENCE : Sephora