Monday 15 June 2015


A key player in Switzerland since 1987, CROSS launched a second brand today, tailored to the challenges facing businesses in French-speaking Switzerland: WIDE | SWITZERLAND, the digital agency that is reinventing relationship-based marketing.

Two brands offering complementary services

In this ever-changing era of multichannel retailing, where information is continuously expanding and disrupting use, the impacts of digital technology on businesses are increasing in number and importance. Companies must reinvent how they work, in terms of internal management, increased productivity, streamlined processes and organization, lower costs, communications, marketing, and customer service.


To respond to the diversity of these challenges, CROSS – an expert in solutions for internal management and process optimization – is now supported by a second brand: WIDE, the digital agency that is reinventing relationship-based marketing. "With these two brands, CROSS and WIDE, we can now help our clients address all of their digital pain points," says Pascal Janin, CEO for Switzerland. "We are expanding, reinventing, and structuring our services in innovative ways."


WIDE: a global and integrated approach

WIDE, which is taking over the Digital Transformation business previously managed by Cross Agency, essentially offers an entirely new approach. Going beyond the traditional silos, it forms teams across different fields, bridging two worlds: digital and knowledge scientists in one group and relationship and branding strategists in the other. The goal is to create a unique and powerful experience that combines operational expertise in the most innovative technologies (Big Data / Analytics, predictive analysis, data visualization, and e-commerce) with an in-depth understanding of the marketing and communication issues facing many businesses (energy, luxury, banking, non-profit, and consumer goods). 


"Digital technology offers unprecedented opportunities to reinvent relationships between brands and their audiences, as long as you know how to decipher, discern, and anticipate the onslaught of information and trends," says Fabrice Perrin, who helped develop the Group's digital business in Asia (Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Beijing) and is set to become the director of WIDE I Switzerland on July 1, 2015. "WIDE is designed to meet this need by completely revamping how to approach a project from a multifunctional standpoint, with overall consistency from data analysis to strategic design and operational implementation." WIDE I FRANCE and now WIDE I SWITZERLAND comprise a network of 200 consultants.


The agency's mission is to meet the challenge for which it is known: Continuous Relationship Experience. To accomplish this, its services hinge on three areas spanning the entire relationship between a brand and its audience: Customer Knowledge, Customer Relationship, and Digital Marketing. 


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