Manage files, registries and directories more effectively

Public sector performanceis to some extent reliant on the good day-to-day management of client files, registries and directories. Improving these processes means finding a solution that:

  • Digitises all the documents in a client file.
  • Manages your client data and all related documents.
  • Provides you with a schedule that allows you to manage your client file according to a workflow and external rules engine.
  • Allows you to conduct a global search for any information or document whatsoever and to open the corresponding folder.
  • Stores and archives any electronic document related to a file while including it in the global search.Gives the public access to the information in their files, while respecting data confidentiality and protection in accordance with Swiss e-Government strategy.
  • Communicate with your own information system's registries and repositories to feed the file's baseline data.

Secteur public business-process
Secteur public business-process 


We can provide you with a file management solution that:

  • Is either a custom software package or a standard package (ERP) that meets your business requirements.
  • Incorporates your processes into a workflow engine and your management rules into a rules engine (BRMS).
  • Interfaces your existing repositories and your electronic document management solution with a digitisation tool.
  • Creates a service that allows members of the public to view their own files online.
  • Creates an information flow with other public services, enabling the communication of some of the information contained in the file, while observing data protection regulations.