e-government for a more efficient, transparent and trustworthy service

On the back of our many years' experience and knowledge of public service information systems, we decided to address the whole e-Government system with a view to:

  • Offering innovative services to members of the public.
  • Improving the quality and availability of these services.
  • Providing information and achieving the democratic involvement of members of the public (e-participation).
  • Offering a simpler, more effective way to manage and optimise resources.
  • Reducing costs significantly for a higher return on investment.


Secteur public e-government



To meet your various e-government needs, our teams can call upon:

  • their knowledge of the public services
  • their technical and functional skills
  • their technological expertise: web, adaptation and deployment of software packages, software development and integration, business intelligence
  • their usability, navigability and accessibility expertise. View Cross Agency services


Cross can implement various e-government services:


  • e-Taxation: changing advance payments, online declarations, tax account queries, etc.
  • e-Justice: civil and criminal proceedings, administrative proceedings, lawsuits, etc.
  • e-Voting: elections, voting
  • e-Police: pressing charges, reporting theft, parking tickets, lost property, etc.
  • e-Social: family allowance, housing allowance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, single income base, etc.
  • e-Payment: online payments and transactions, accounts statements, proof of payment, etc.