Today, IT plays a predominant role in all public sector changes and cutting-edge technologies have a structural impact on the public sector. In any modernisation project, IT Governance ensures consistency between the processes implemented and the strategy adopted.
To create an effective information system, public sector IT departments must take numerous factors into account:


  • IT Governance:
  • Budget and Portfolio Management:
  • Project Management:
  • Human Resources:
  • Procurement and Service provision:
  • Architecture and Operations Management:
  • Innovation and Technology Surveillance.


With our knowledge of the market, laws and regulations in French-speaking Switzerland, we are in a position to understand your challenges and offer support in the following areas:


  • IT Governance and information system mapping
  • Architecture consultancy and audits.
  • Recommendations and support to select the right solutions.
  • Project Ownership Assistance, preparation of a master plan, drafting technical specifications.
  • Project Implementation. We offer a fixed price package backed by an established project management methodology such as HERMES.
  • Skills provision. We bring our business line, functional and technical expertise to your internal teams.



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