With a large number of complex commodity-specific business line processes, it is time for traders to implement an integrated solution that optimises flows, guarantees data quality and provides an objective risk assessment. No more time lost between the front office, operations, finance and accounting thanks to a solution that covers all areas and delivers real-time reporting (Long & Short, P&L) or daily hedging requirements (M2M), generates customer invoices, registers supplier invoices and monitors financing requirements on a daily basis.


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Traders can then use the information capital generated by the information system to implement Business Intelligence solutions. This means giving managers the tools they need to analyse the data, for example, to identify the best customers, the most profitable products, any geographical areas to be avoided, etc.



  • At information system level,

Cross has selected the most credible information system on the market, SAP Business All In One, and its international trading modules (GTM, GTS and CTRM):


SAP Business All in One :

The SAP Business All-in-One solution is designed for companies seeking comprehensive integrated solutions for global process management. CROSS helps you install this integrated solution and programme the commodities module and resulting processes.

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  • At decision support system level,

CROSS also helps you select which Business Intelligence tools, to implement for data modelling, reporting and analysis systems. We help you install and configure BI solutions to handle financial and risk reporting, budgets, etc.

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