International Organisations are undergoing major changes, particularly in terms of donations. International organisations are in the process of changing their information system strategies to improve application availability and therefore operational efficiency. In coming years we will see more innovative and creative donation collection strategies.
Edouard Wattine NB

Edouard Wattinne, Market Director for International Organisations

Thanks to our work with the ICRC and IFRC in Geneva, we have developed a thorough understanding of humanitarian strategies, business processes and support systems. This knowledge and experience can be shared with all international organisations.



Cross teams can integrate the perfect applications for decentralised organisations, which is the form international organisations often take :
  • With Cloud Computing:
    • Your IT facilities are located outside the company, which is more cost effective.
    • Your software applications are always up to date.
    • You can store your data in a secure location.
    • You have increased flexibility.
  • Mobile services
    • By 2015, 30 times more data will be transmitted across mobile networks and 40% of all phones will be smartphones (source: Alcatel-Lucent).
    • With Cloud Computing providing the necessary stability and technological capacity, mobile applications will be available everywhere.