Whatever your performance needs, CROSS INTELLIGENCE partner solutions will meet your expectations. Specific Business Intelligence solutions allow you to: 
  • Measure: acquire, store and transfer information to the user.
  • Analyse: know how to decode and use data.
  • Plan: develop data models.
  • Integrate: manage data bases and check their quality.


The CROSS CONSULTING teams help you integrate ERP, CRM and digitisation solutions:
CROSS integrates tried and tested ERP solutions. Taking your company strategy, business and financial concerns into account, we select the best products on offer from our partners SAP and SAI.
We carry out your CRM projects from beginning to end, from initial analysis through design and deployment to training. We can outline the key issues of the customer relationship project and spell out the importance of this strategic project to all concerned. We have selected the best partners for your CRM projects: SAP CRM and Selligent.
We implement your document digitisation projects (inflow and outflow) using the ITESOFT solution Our partnership with ITESOFT means we can offer a comprehensive, effective response to your digitisation projects to improve productivity and reduce your costs by streamlining the administrative processes.


Whether you want to sell online, increase visits to your website or choose a new content management tool, or if you need us to help you improve your online communications or create a mobile website? Cross Agency will support you in designing, creating and implementing effective and innovative digital tools.

  • Consultancy: we match your objectives with end user expectations to help you devise a digital strategy.
  • Design: we provide original and effective creative solutions suited to all your digital media.
  • Development: we use our technical skills to ensure the success of the strategy devised.
  • E-marketing : gaining visibility, developing customer loyalty, and monitoring the performance of your digital strategy. 


CROSS ENGINEERING teams help you create, integrate, up-grade and maintain your applications. We can meet all your software development requirements: