To achieve a high level of operational efficiency, international organisations need to review their IS organisation and architecture. An Information Systems up-grade should enable you to:
  • control and account for your organisation's activities
  • reduce the time spent preparing your annual accounts
  • monitor and verify outgoings covered by public sector funding
  • respond faster to legal and tax changes
  • communicate better.


We help international organisations analyse their current information system and work with them to define a new efficient IT architecture. We use United Nations (UNGM) codes and references as we are their preferred supplier for the following services: 

  • Strategic Planning: defining a multi-year strategy, setting objectives and identifying how these are to be met.
  • IS strategy: establishing a procedure for the strategic management of information systems.
  • IT Gouvernance: defining, organising and implementing the resources required to manage and regulate your information system in support of your business strategy.
  • Change management and training: supporting your teams through the changes. 
  • Security audits: protecting the information held by your organisation.
  • ERP (Entreprise Resource Planning): finding an existing management solution that covers all your areas of activity with consistency and integrity, regardless of the size of your company.
  • Business Intelligence: managing your activities by optimising the decision-making process at the different levels of your organisation - operational, financial and strategic.
  • Software Development: helping you select the technologies and applications architecture and finding the right software solution, regardless of the technology selected.
  • Communications: defining a digital strategy to give your company visibility in the new communication channels.


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