Let Cross Engineering teams interconnect your applications for better information management. By interconnecting your software, you save valuable time.
We use various established tools and methods to link up multiple software applications:
  • SOA (Service Oriented Architecture):
    Service Oriented Architecture allows you to split a feature into a group of basic functions and to describe the interactions between these functions. The objective is to implement the right software architecture for your company's business line processes and all your requirements.
  • ESB (Enterprise Service Bus):
    We can use this technology to establish communication between applications which are not designed to work together. Bus architecture is based on web services, message exchange, routing and transformation systems.
  • BPM (Business Process Management):
    BPM (Business Process Management) projects will help you manage your company's business line processes. A BPM application works independently of data, applications and technical interfaces. It focuses on the different elements of the information system by building a representative model of the company's business processes.
  • EAI (Enterprise Application Integration):
    An Enterprise Application Integration solution develops special connectors to make various existing applications talk to each other.