Mobile technologies have really taken hold with the proliferation of mobile operating systems, the increasing number of applications and the success of the iPhone and the iPad etc. The majority of us now need immediate access to information. Mobile is becoming a fully-fledged channel for building closer relations with consumers. There is a wide range of tools available: Text messaging, e-mailing, social networks, mobile sites and mobile applications. For a company to develop its brand, attract new customers, generate revenue and gain customer loyalty, it needs to develop a mobile strategy in line with its global communications strategy.   



Pascal Escarment NB

Pascal Escarment, Assistant Director Cross Agency

Brands can use mobile technologies to communicate targeted information which makes the content all the more attractive and the services even more relevant. 


If you really want to create dialogue between your brand and your customers, you need to think about the consumer profile and use each channel for a specific purpose: finding customers, retaining them, informing, generating revenue, promoting, etc.
Cross Agency helps you analyse your mobile strategy and implement the appropriate solutions:
  • A mobile site is really the 4x4 of the mobile world. Everybody has access to it, regardless of where they are. A mobile version of your website is the cornerstone of any strategy. A mobile site is accessible from any device anywhere in the world via the Wi-Fi or 3G networks.
  • A native application is a must if you are to adapt a service to a specific terminal. Tablets such as iPads are gradually taking over from laptops. They offer a large screen, speed and flexibility and are very much the way forward. You can display a large amount of data, set up interactive functions and be creative in the way information is presented and viewed.
  • Text messaging and e-mailing campaigns can be used to win over customers and encourage their loyalty: purchase or appointment confirmation, delivery information, etc. These tools are also the best way to send out promotions, discounts, invitations, etc.
  • Social networks have gained particular momentum on mobile devices. In this instance, users themselves control the quality and quantity of information they want to receive. A company can use this channel to provide information and create interest in its brand in the community.  


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