We analysed why Swiss SMEs in the industry and services sectors install an ERP. The principle reasons are:

  • To improve financial results/profitability
  • To comply with standards
  • For optimal resource management
  • To stay ahead of business developments
The anticipated benefits are:
  • The ability to make quick decisions
  • To be able to make necessary adjustments throughout the year
  • Better visibility of operational costs   
Olivier Bry NB

Pascal Janin,  General Manager 

De plus en plus les PME, comme les grandes entreprises ont besoin de s’équiper d’un système de gestion intégré et performant de manière à améliorer leur productivité et leur compétitivité mais aussi pour être en mesure de réagir vite face aux contraintes d’un environnement en constante évolution. 


For companies in the industry and services sectors, Cross has worked with SAP to develop in-depth knowledge of Production Management, Project or Business Management, Maintenance Management and Repair and Service Management. We have particular expertise in the high-tech industries and business management.
The SAP Business All-in-One solution can help you:
  • Improve your financial management.
  • Achieve operational excellence by streamlining your business processes.
  • Be more responsive.
  • Combine and simplify your processes thanks to the integrated ERP and CRM functions.
  • Improve control and productivity. 


We can assist with opportunity studies, systems maintenance and team training. We will integrate the specifics of your company into the ERP solution olution selected, meeting cost objectives and deadlines.


Cross also helps its property owner and property manager customers (government, companies, real estate agencies, investors) to optimise and enhance their property portfolios, improve their rental income or occupation rates, take better financial control of their property projects or achieve better building maintenance management.