Digitalisation of PATIENT records

With an Electronic Patient Record you can manage and share all the patient's administrative, healthcare and medical data securely and in real time. .


Health Patient Management


The main aim of digitalising patient records is to improve the quality of care. Electronic Patient Records (EPR) link all the data gathered for a specific patient, facilitating information exchange and diagnosis. Doctors and nurses can consult test results, any change in baseline data as well as the patient's medical history and allergies.


  • Individual objectives:
    • Improve information management by centralising data.
    • Improve access to the patient record and information, including for emergencies.
    • Access patient history: previous hospital stays, tests, examination results, etc.
  • Shared objectives:
    • Use data: epidemiological, pathological, geo located, etc.
    • Create a database: case records, etc.
    • Guarantee an application platform to provide the best possible healthcare services.


Cyrille Lemoine NB

Cyrille LEMOINE, Project Manager / Senior Health Care Consultant 

The patient record should forge a link between the different healthcare providers and give them easy, secure access to information. Single data input and data harmonisation should facilitate patient care and diagnosis. It should also make it easier to monitor the quality of care given and meet the future requirements of the various Departments and insurers.



We are expert in solutions integrations, both contextual calls and interfaces, for hospital information systems. We also work with our partner aXigate™, a specialist software package for health organisations publisher. The aXigate range provides a comprehensive, standard, open and user-friendly patient information system.
We can incorporate the aXigate solution into your organisation's information system. Backed by our knowledge of the solutions to integrate into patient records (imagery, radiology, laboratory results, etc.), we guarantee quality integration that meets deadlines.



aXigate SA, France's number one Hospital Information Systems NTIC developer, has developed a Health Information System for health care facilities, hospitals, clinics and healthcare networks. The aXigate system uses innovative architecture and cutting edge technologies, namely XML, J2EE and Webclient, for Healthcare Provision and Patient Record management.
Thanks to it's solution's stand-out qualities and popularity with hospitals, aXigate is one of the fastest growing companies in the Health IS market. The aXigate System is suitable for institutions of all sizes, from 100 to 1500 beds.