For healthcare organisations, optimal organisational and financial processes management is a key performance lever, particularly given the forthcoming Swiss Health Insurance Act (LAMal 2012) review.

  • Organisational:
    • The drug circuit: prescriptions, dispensing, administration, etc.
    • Logistics: control, inventory management, transport, storage, handling, etc.
    • Resource monitoring: appointments, managing cancellations and reports, etc.
    • Kitchen Management: management of preferences and special diets, food and menus, visitor meals etc.
  • Financial (ERP):
    • Invoicing
    • Accounting
    • Purchasing and Inventory
    • Investment projects
    • Maintenance


Our consultants have solid business line and IT experience. Let them guide you through the process of optimising your organisation's organisational and financial processes:

  • Organisation :
    • The drug circuit: our pharmacist has process expertise and an excellent knowledge of market solutions.
    • Logistics: formalisation and optimisation of your logistics processes.
    • Resource monitoring: using ERP or patient record type business line solutions.
    • Kitchen management with LOGIMEN: use this tool to manage your menus, guaranteeing that patients and residents follow prescribed diets or receive the meals they have ordered. The system manages food and non-food orders, invoicing, stocks, cash registers, visitor invoices, etc.
  • Finance and Management: we use solutions from our two partners SAP and SAI
    • SAP Business All-in-One can help you:
      • Improve your financial management.
      • Achieve operational excellence by streamlining your management processes.
      • Be more responsive.
      • Combine and simplify your processes thanks to the integrated ERP and CRM functions.
      • Improve handling and productivity.
    • SAINet V3 offers solutions to help you manage:
      • Residents.
      • Healthcare and related services.
      • Employees.
      • Quality and procedures.
      • Statistics: inventory and follow-up.
Cyrille Lemoine NB

Cyrille LEMOINE, Project Manager/Senior Healthcare Consultant

We have noticed an increased interest in Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS). Institutions must maintain their buildings and equipment. Hospital equipment, especially biomedical and laboratory equipment maintenance, is subject a significant number of regulations. CMMS solutions guarantee maintenance planning, monitoring and performance (corrective and preventive). They also provide the tools for a faster, more effective response: a medical device vigilance system permits the rapid identification of equipment in a faulty batch, enables you to compare the maintenance costs of a range of equipment against the maintenance cost of a competing brand. This is a useful tool for negotiating future maintenance contracts, etc.