To achieve an optimum level of operational efficiency, healthcare institutions review their organisation and the architecture of their IS. The modernisation of Information Systems must enable:

  • improvement in the quality of healthcare: information sharing, communication, data quality and accessibility, protocols, connections to the imagery and radiology departments, test results, etc.
  • cost control: prescription management, length of stay, administrative tasks, planning and monitoring activity, etc.
  • health data security and confidentiality
Cyrille Lemoine NB

Cyrille LEMOINE, Project Manager / Senior Health Care Consultant

We support our customers both in overhauling management systems, particularly those related to human resources, finance, logistics, purchasing, food, laundry, as well as patient care systems both for administration and health care and medical management (EPR - Electronic Patient Records).


We support healthcare institutions in their efforts to modernize their IS and digitalize care:

  • Advice and support in choosing the appropriate solution (ERP, EPR, Meal Management):
    • Needs framework and analysis.
    • Drafting technical specifications.
    • Support in selecting a solution..
  • POA: project ownership assistance throughout your transformation projects.