Business Intelligence adds value to the wealth of information available within your institution thanks to reporting, analysis and budgeting environments. Performance management is becoming an essential tool for healthcare institutions:

  • Cost control: supplies, medicines, calculating the average length of stay, administrative tasks, staff activity, etc.
  • Activity monitoring.
  • Maintaining or improving the attractiveness of your institution.
  • Cross-functional reporting (documents, patients, staff, products, etc.).


Cross, a Business Intelligence expert since 1987, provides strategic, budget, financial and operational management tools.


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Our consultants help you implement management tools into your organisation's information system and support users during the change process. We work with the Système de Pilotage Hospitalier Suisse (Swiss hospital management system - SPH+), a tried and tested method and solution:

  • OAVR method (OVAR stands for Objectives - Action Variables - Responsibilities): this method consolidates the objectives and helps manager decision making.
  • ATPIware Business GPS Suite Solution: based on the OAVR method, this is a quick and effective corporate management solution thanks to its governance, execution and strategy management facility. In contrast to static Dashboards, which become meaningless at operational level, the Business GPS Suite involves the organisation in the strategy and also integrates operational reporting and a corrective mode to allow for change adjustment.


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Cyrille Lemoine NB

Cyrille LEMOINE, Project Manager/Senior Healthcare Consultant

We explain the OAVR method in the "Managing Business Intelligence and Performance" module of the "Masters in Information Systems" at HEC Lausanne (Lausanne Business School). We aim to teach the OAVR method, which is based on the strategic alignment of all institutions. The ATPIware solution ensures the strategy adopted is properly implemented and delivers the right results. Our partnership with ATPIware Inc. and the OAVR method founder - Daniel Michel Emeritus Professor of the Paris Business School, enabled us to build a Swiss Hospital Management System that can drive institutional performance, align its objectives and help managerial decision-making.