Traditional Performance Measurement tools based on cost accounting are not the best for evaluating performance and assessing risks. Business Intelligence tools offer a Dashboard System that's centred around objectives so you can adopt a proactive approach. The data you collect can be presented in detailed or summary format, according to the user profiles.


Frédéric Chartier

Frédéric Chartier, Cross Intelligence Manager

We work with customers to build Management Information Systems in keeping with their strategy and we help them monitor and manage their institution's performance. We define the key performance indicators used to measure, analyse and plan financial and operational performance.



Our functional experts can offer you the benefit of their Business Intelligence experience to develop your information capital and improve your performance:

  • Measurement: we identify operating costs, staff performance, risks, customer profitability and loan performance.
  • Analysis: we generate reports and analyses based on the information collected. We identify the risks (credit, operational, market or country) from the many sources of company information in order to implement a genuine risk reporting system.
  • Planning: we implement a single repository for optimal steering: forecasting, consolidation and year-end cycles. We handle several different reporting and consolidation standards such as the International Accounting Standards (IAS), Basel III and GAAP (US) standards.
  • Integration:
    • We extract data from different source systems, which we then transform and transport to data warehouses via ETL (Extraction Transformation and Loading)
    • We qualify, clean-up and reconcile data using Data Quality Management (DQM) solutions
    • We build single up-to-date data repositories (customers, products, suppliers, etc.) using Master Data Management (MDM) solutions.