One of the main challenges faced by the Swiss financial market is how to better communicate its know-how in the face of other competing markets, Asian markets in particular. It must consider the new channels for accessing banking services: generalised use of the Internet, mobile internet, tablets such as the iPad and also the advent of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.


Pascal Janin

Pascal Janin, General Manager

Faced with these new trends, private and global banks must adapt to new customer expectations. They must conquer these new communication channels to satisfy the expectations of their existing customers and also to win a significant share of new global wealth.



  • Digital communication strategy:
    Using our three-step process, we can help you design the various aspects of your new communications strategies to claim your place in the banking media landscape, attract new customers and develop the loyalty of your existing customers:
    • Audit: we analyse the competition and your current position, set the objectives and model your needs.
    • Design: we define a concept on the basis of user scenarios and define the information architecture.
    • Action plan: we identify the appropriate tools and channels and advise you which methods to use.
  • Creation and design:
    Our goal is to create a positive relationship with your customers and to find inventive ways to capture their attention and make you stand out from the crowd. 3 steps to better communication:
    • Analysis : we help position you in the digital world and imagine the best way to make your mark.
    • Design: we create and adapt the concepts, interfaces and visual content.
    • Artistic direction: quality assurance to guarantee you stand out from the crowd.
  • Development:
    • CMS : we develop the right content management tools for your IS.
    • Intranet : we set up internal communication tools.
    • Extranet : we provide you with the tools to communicate with your customers and partners.
  • E-marketing:
    E-marketing has become an essential tool, not only for meeting your communications objectives but also for really talking to your customers and anticipating their needs. We can satisfy your e-marketing objectives e-marketing:
    • Strategy: we analyse, define and optimise your digital strategy.
    • Acquisition: we give you visibility, which leads to visitors and potential customers.
    • Development of customer loyalty: we develop customer loyalty for increased profitability.
    • Follow-up: we monitor and analyse the performance of your e-marketing operations.


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