Customer relationship management (CRM) is a central concern in the banking world. New technologies have moved the goalposts by creating multiple points of contact. To stay ahead of the competition and improve your competitive edge, you need to change what you offer and how you offer it. Your primary objective must be to consolidate customer requests submitted through the various channels (by phone, mail, email, e-banking, mobile banking, etc.) and ensure coherent follow-up throughout the whole process.


We know that banks have implemented a global banking solution which is generally ideal for the back and middle offices, but doesn't deliver for front of house operations.


Pascal Janin

Pascal Janin, General Manager

Your information system should allow you to reach your customers or potential customers wherever they may be, to get to know them better and to offer them the most appropriate services. The system is therefore designed to improve follow-up as well as the effectiveness of your sales team.



Cross can advise you and help you implement a 360° CRM possibly combined with a powerful e-banking system or even a mobility solution offering your customers innovative and unique services. This CRM an also be interfaced with a professional Portfolio Management Solution (PMS) incorporating top quality customisable reporting.

  • CRM:
    • Analysis: we map the contact channels used (phone, website, mail, mobile, etc.) and suggest ways these can be optimised.
    • Design: we design the target solution, the screens your teams will use, their marketing tools and suggest the most appropriate tool from the CRM solutions on the market. .
    • Deployment: we implement the new processes and adapt the solution to your specifications.
    • Training and support: we train the future users, involving them in the analysis and choices made.
  • E-banking and M-banking :
    • E-banking : allows your customers to view their balances and to carry out secure online banking transactions, quickly and easily.
    • M-banking (Mobile Banking) : offers the same, 100% secure, e-banking services on mobile devices.
  • Portfolio Management System or Fortune Management:
    • PMS : implement a Portfolio Management System your managers can use for optimal customer portfolio management, thus improving customer satisfaction.


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