In an increasingly competitive environment, you must ensure that your applications are efficient and meet user requirements at all times. Upgrade projects often fail to materialise due to a lack of money or time, or technical constraints. As a result, the applications grow old and tired. Eventually users express their dissatisfaction and reject the applications.


Your company faces a large number of challenges on a daily basis:

  • Upgrade your applications without completely redeveloping your system.
  • Reduce development costs.
  • Optimise processes and user efficiency.
  • Improve user satisfaction.
Cyril Matalon NB

Cyril Matalon, Business Analyst

The first step in an upgrade project is to review the existing situation. Understanding the different business processes is important if you are going to suggest upgrades. You need to know whether you simply need to upgrade the interface or the core application or if a technology migration is required.



After analysing the strengths and weaknesses of your applications, our teams will make a number of recommendations. A modernisation project may cover the following:

  • The application's graphical interface:
    We'll help you create new screens, proposing new branding and models. We take account of the technical and financial constraints of the application and work hand-in-hand with the development teams.
  • Complete reworking of an application:
    We can redevelop an existing application, retaining its original functions, perhaps adding new ones, and integrating it into your information system.
  • Technology migration:
    To take advantage of technological developments, we can perform migrations across multiple environments, taking into account the technical constraints inherent in the chosen environment.