For some projects that are specific to your activity, business line or the issues you encounter, standard tools are not enough. You require custom software development. Whether for the whole project or to supplement the functions of an existing tool, we can provide the specific developments you need to meet your goals.


A crucial step in developing customised software is designing the architecture:

  • selecting the tools;
  • selecting the environment and frameworks to support the development;
  • selecting the data base;
  • defining the platform architecture.
  • man / machine interfaces.


This stage of the design allows you to weigh up your requirements and decide between a standard application and custom software development.


Stéphane Péronnet

Stéphane Péronnet, Cross Engineering Manager

At this initial stage we validate and verify the choice of architecture: we test and check them against the challenges and constraints of the project specifications. Our main objective is to achieve an ideal balance and optimum performance.



Since 1987, the design and development of custom software has been one of our core skills. We specialize in designing high performance architecture and delivering high availability platforms that can handle tens of thousands of visitors a day.


Cross Engineering can intervene in all types of custom developments using different technologies (Java, Microsoft, PHP), either on a subscription or project basis:

  • Internet, extranet and intranet applications;
  • Business line or vertical applications;
  • Portals;
  • CMS: content management;
  • Digitisation;
  • e-Commerce: catalogue of products and services.