Content management systems (CMS) and portal tools provide ready-to-use functional modules. However, some functional requirements exceed the basic functionality of these modules and require complements. Other projects need 100% custom development to meet specific needs.  

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Pascal Escarment, Assistant Director / Cross Agency

To meet these needs we have created specialist technical teams to manage the implementation of the agency's projects. These technical teams are structured into units in accordance with the technology expertise used in our projects: PHP, Java, ColdFusion, .Net, etc.



Our teams of developers can support you in everything from technology solution analysis to monitoring, whatever your digital project:
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Our goal: help you select the technical solution that best suits your needs and existing IT systems.

Our mission: analyse your technical environment, find solutions to interconnect your new digital communication tools with your existing IS.

Each of our units keeps a watchful eye on its field of expertise:
  • Technology surveillance - knowledge of tool updates and up to date awareness of the desired updates across the community.
  • Operational surveillance, capitalising on the experience gained in customer projects to speed-up solution deployment and reduce costs. 



Our goal: provide our CMS and portal tool development expertise.

Our mission: not only to provide you with teams of technical experts with a deep knowledge of most tools on the market, their ecosystem and their expansion potential, but also to allow you to optimise your project costs by delivering existing modules developed by the community or as part of previous projects. 


  • Coldfusion
Maintained by Adobe, the leader in multimedia and Internet design tools, this technology supports a content management tool developed within the agency: Netvertis.CMS.
In ten years of continuous improvement, Netvertis has become a powerful tool for creating multilingual dynamic websites and supporting the international strategy of some of our clients. It is also the web tool used by most of our SME customers who benefit from its numerous modules in managing their newsletters, FAQ and online donations. Netvertis.CMS has all the features of a great CMS Community!
logo cold fusion Cross Agency is an Adobe Coldfusion Solution Partner


  • PHP
Primarily based on the TYPO3 and Magento tools, our skills also use the Zend Framework for developing PHP business applications. PHP the Internet language, is a formidable technology in terms of its performance and development time. As part of our business, we are an active member of the TYPO3 community, and regularly contribute to the maintaining the extensions that we initially created. We have built partnerships and are well known by the respective communities of these tools.
logo-typo3 Certified Partner logo-magento Gold Partner
  • Java
In demanding environments, Java is often the solution. This more industrial technology allows us to offer custom development in highly demanding contexts in terms of security (data encryption), performance, high availability (24/7) or integration in accordance with interoperability rules and standards.
Our goal: maintain and develop your digital tools to ensure sustainability.
Our mission: correct errors (corrective maintenance), add new features (evolutionary maintenance), provide you with all the services necessary to ensure the sustainability of your digital tools.



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