The deployment of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution should allow you to better:

  • Streamline and optimise internal and external management.
  • Align your practices and standardise procedures.
  • Rapidly expand and deploy new features.
  • Standardise business line processes so they can be easily reproduced for any new entities.
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Dominique Kwapisz, ERP Consultant

Using ERP software as a management tool helps streamline processes and procedures, allowing you to focus on value-added activities and use your internal resources to move the company forward. So with ERP you really do have a competitive advantage.



CROSS Consulting helps you with all the operational aspects of your organisation (logistics, production, distribution, etc.) as well as your support functions (finance, human resources, etc.) to help you optimise and implement your management rules into the chosen ERP solution.
With professional expertise in many business lines, our experienced consultants can work on all levels, from consulting to maintenance. Their approach is a combination of education and practical advice, taking account of your needs and integrating the specifics of your company into the ERP solution selected, meeting cost objectives and deadlines.


Our project methodology has a three-pronged approach for rapid ERP solution implementation:

  • We swiftly provide you with suitable core operating functions that cover at least 80% of your management processes based on best practices in your sectors of activity.
  • Backed by our business knowledge, we identify and develop suitable processes for your key business areas based on a differential analysis using pre-configured processes.
  • We quickly migrate your system to the productive target ERP solution. Implementation of your ERP software may go hand-in-hand with a change management initiative that respects established IT Governance procedure.


The SAP Business All-in-One solution is designed to meet the needs of medium-sized enterprises looking to manage their processes in a comprehensive manner using integrated and complete solutions. SAP Business All-in-One is a configurable solution that supports all your business functions (finance, human resources, procurement, stocks, manufacturing, logistics, product development, customer service, sales and marketing).


SAP Business All-in-One can help you:

  • Improve your financial management.
  • Achieve operational excellence by streamlining your business processes.
  • Adopt a more responsive approach.
  • Unify and simplify your processes thanks to integrated ERP and CRM features.
  • Improve handling and productivity.


Cross works with strategic partners such as SAP and SAI (file management specialist (corporate, HR, etc.) for institutions, social services, trustees, EMS), to guarantee you high added value solutions and business knowledge, technical expertise and experience in the implementation of ERP projects.


We help our clients create value by streamlining their processes and data management. We combine SAP Business All in One expertise and Business Intelligence know-how to optimise the decision-making process in a coherent and functional environment.