There are numerous benefits to digitising and automatically processing documents:

  • Faster processing and validation with instant access to electronic images of the scanned documents.
  • Automation of non-value added tasks (data entry, error recovery, reconciliation, allocation, etc.).
  • Comprehensive end-to-end tracking of documents and actions.
  • Simpler, more accurate audits and financial reporting (invoice reconciliation).
  • Standardisation of heterogeneous flows.
  • Continuous improvement of supplier relations. 


Pascal Janin

Pascal Janin, General Manager

Automatic document processing solutions help reduce the administrative workload but also optimise processes and increase employee skills by involving them in added-value activities.



We chose to integrate ITESOFT invoice digitisation which, thanks to its three components, offers a fully automated process, from the invoice receipt to payment and archiving, by entry into the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and EDM (Electronic Document Management) systems:

  • ITESOFT.FreeMind for Invoices (invoice digitisation)
  • ITESOFT.Share (storage, archiving, distribution and circulation)
  • Balance for SAP (Provides access to all the invoice control stages in SAP® via workflow and webflow)


These three solutions allow you to automate your document processing, especially for supplier invoices. You can:

  • Carry out all the necessary functions. It offers automatic data capture, identification, reading and verification, reconciliation and dispute management, accounting entries, validation processes and payment authorisations.
  • Consult and export data to your ERP, or other company accounts software, information systems, EDM, workflow or EIPP (Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment).
  • Connect to your SAP via the Balance for SAP solution, which provides automatic functions such as invoice processing, invoice/order/receipt reconciliation, verification of legal notices, management of multiple VAT rates, management of occasional suppliers, automatic charging, multi-client management.


Together these three solutions can really boost your company's productivity:

  • 60% reduction in the average processing costs by drastically reducing the data entry and preparation stage of accounting operations.
  • average invoice process time reduced by 5.
  • instant availability of accounting data and digital images of invoices. Guaranteed security and traceability of documents and accounting entries.
  • cost effective and efficient responses to the challenges of improving process flow.



Cross is an integrator partner of ITESOFT solutions, a company specialising in digitisation software for invoices, scanning, data capture, forms and purchase orders.

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