In an increasingly competitive market, the relationship a brand has with its customers becomes a key factor, setting it apart from its competitors. If your product can be copied or sold cheaper, then the customer relationship is a unique and genuine USP.


CRM (Customer Relationship Management) aims to provide the technology to optimise the relationship between companies and their customers. A unique and well designed CRM solution can be used by various business lines in a company:

  • Customer Service: the core CRM functions are used to manage contacts, their data, their purchase history and contact details (email, phone, etc.) and to process claims, customer returns, etc.
  • Marketing: a range of technologies help you make proactive use of the customer files; CRM provides teams with the tools they need (emails, incoming or outgoing calls, text messages or mail) to manage, target and personalise their campaigns (content, messages, etc.).
  • Sales Team: your sales teams can access customer management tools to make the most of opportunities and existing contracts. When on the road or at client meetings, your team can use web or mobile access to interact in real time with the central information system.

David Hartmann NB

David Hartmann, CRM Consultant

It is five times more expensive to acquire new customers than it is to retain them. On this basis, the CRM strategy must allow you to not only increase loyalty, but also to easily identify and target potential new customers.


  • Analysis: Our consultants work with you to identify the key customer management processes within your company and suggest ways these can be optimised. They map the contact channels used (phone, website, mail, etc.) and your existing data.
  • Design: We share best customer relationship management practices with you and design the target solution, the screens your teams will use and the marketing tools for them. As an independent consultant, Cross Consulting will offer you unbiased advice and suggest the most appropriate tool from the CRM solutions on the market.
  • Deployment: New processes are defined and then deployed, with your staff interacting closely with our teams to adapt the solution to your needs. The project quickly takes shape and the first batches become operational.
  • Training and support: from the outset, future users are involved in the analysis and the choices made and they gradually take ownership of the tools. This cooperation is vital in ensuring your teams' independence and convincing them of the advantages of the CRM solution.


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