Our teams work with you from the very early stages of your development and integration projects. We analyse your project on two levels: technology and organisation:

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  • The first is purely technical. We examine and challenge the IT architecture selected and how it has been implemented:
    • Application audit: do they meet your requirements?
    • Security audit: analysis of your security system, your data, etc.
    • Performance audit: analysis of how your hardware is handling your applications and data.
    • Cost audit: analysis of the cost of your current system and applications.
  • The second level analyses how the IT architecture selected will affect your future projects and IT organisation.


Once this analysis has been completed, we will be able to make a number of suggestions and technology recommendations for your future projects to help you draft your project specifications.


Stéphane Péronnet

Stéphane Péronnet, Cross Engineering Manager

Our engineers study our applications' technological feasibility and opportunities and take part in functional analyses. Our priority is to help you get more out of your applications.



We can work on different assignments at the pre-project or project stage:

  • Project Ownership Assistance (POA): we support the project owner throughout your development projects.
  • Audit: we analyse your information system (applications, security, performance, costs).
  • We draft the software project specifications which allows us:
    • To identify users and user rights;
    • To list and detail the actions of each user;
    • To identify software and hardware limitations.
  • IT architecture: we devise the general structure of your information system and related processes.
  • Methodology: we establish a framework and a methodology for your projects.
  • Technologies and technology surveillance: we propose innovative technologies to keep you one step ahead of the competition..