When technology changes, users must follow and this is not always easy. To help users get used to a new tool, a support mechanism must be established: documentation focused on the company business, training, communication, etc. User support in dealing with change is key to the success of your transformation projects. The main objectives are:

  • Analyse the impact of the implementation of an ICT project on the company.
  • Manage application ergonomics, to develop editorial and graphical specifications.
  • Support project implementation within different departments.
  • Establish the actions for change and communication.
  • Ensure that innovations are realistic and in line with company strategic development.
  • Communicate ongoing activities and establish a trustworthy environment.

To guarantee success and commitment to the change, we will conduct the following actions:

  • Inform participants, raise awareness, make them commit and evolve.
    Distribute the right level of information to each participant.
  • ...


We work closely with the general departments, the business units, the IT department or the IT department managers during a change management project.


We rely on our expertise and good practice:

  • Support and monitoring methodology, functional and technical workshops, feasibility studies, communication plan
  • Information systems consultancy
  • Infrastructure consultancy.


Example of methodology used:

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