Planning, consolidations and financial reporting are often a considerable waste of time and money. There are multiple consequences: lack of transparency of the process, double work and wasted effort, no traceability or compliance, inconsistency, high error rate, unknown costs.

Companies are facing new challenges in terms of consolidation and financial reporting, and have more and more requirements in terms of management. They now wish to:

  • Align their financial and operational plans with their strategic objectives
  • Improve the accuracy of planning and the related costs
  • Reduce the duration of the budgeting cycle
  • Devote more time to analysis and less time to data entry and consolidation
  • Quickly model potential management strategies and decide on the best course of action
  • Trust the results and financial reports
  • Make each department independent to acquire and change shared management processes.


frédéric Chartier

Frédéric Chartier, Business Intelligence Manager

Having a reliable budget and being able to dynamically manage your activity via predictive simulations is now essential to improving the overall performance of your company.



Cross Intelligence specialises in implementing financial platforms. We can help you implement a unified repository ensuring optimal management and effective communication:

  • Translate the strategic plan into financial reports to ensure alignment of financial priorities with objectives.
  • Identify and animate the performance indicators for the various activities and professions of your organisation in a coherent management repository.
  • Increase your analysis, decision making and action capabilities through alerts and regular monitoring of profit centre activities.
  • Industrialise your financial communication via reports complying with new regulatory requirements: investors, government agencies, comments for annexed notes, report on internal control.



SAP-BUSINESS-OBJECTS   The unified SAP Business Objects Planning and Consolidation solution (SAP BPC) will enable you to:


  • Align the strategic/financial/operational planning

  • Improve the reliability of planning, at reduced costs

  • Reduce the length of the planning cycle

  • Devote more time to analysis

  • Model/simulate/decide quickly

  • Trust the results and reports


Other solutions:


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