In the current economic situation of a strong increase in competition, financial risks and reduced margins, knowing what is happening in a company at a moment T and being up to date with multi-year trends is not just an advantage, it has become vital.


Collecting the right information to calculate the relevant KPIs enables the company to have a real operational view of its activity. Business Intelligence can extract this data, transform it and make it available to company decision makers: managers, as well as other staff. The sales representative, like the production operator or the recruitment manager are, in their daily activity, players with a role in overall company performance. 

Frédéric Chartier

Frédéric Chartier, Cross Intelligence Manager

Reporting is often the first step in performance management. You cannot manage what you cannot measure.


Cross Intelligence can implement the reporting solution that fits your needs:

  • Operational Reporting: self-service provision of pre-defined reports generally covering 80% of the company's needs
  • Ad-hoc Reporting: provision of enquiry functions allowing advanced users to build their own user-friendly reports.
  • Mobile Reporting: following the increased use of tablets and smartphones, BI solutions are also developed on these devices, giving users, managers or other members of the mobile population, quick and easy access to information wherever they are.
Frédéric Chartier

Frédéric Chartier, Cross Intelligence Manager

The reporting platform implemented by Cross Intelligence now enables the mobile operator to broadcast all analyses of traffic, sales, churn, throughout the company on a daily bases.



Cross Intelligence works with various publishers to offer the Business Intelligence solutions best suited to your BI projects and your company.




With over 20 years of development and evolution in their solution, SAP BusinessObjects 4 is now one of the most complete Business Intelligence solutions, able to meet all your needs, from data integration to presenting your indicators on your iPad.

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Business Discovery solution highlighting the power of In-Memory Analysis, QlikView can be, at a first level of use, the perfect Mobile Dashboard solution for your company.



One of the pioneers of Open Source reporting solutions, today Jaspersoft offers a comprehensive Business Intelligence platform.


Other solutions:


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