Cross Intelligence advises, supports and equips marketing management in its efforts to acquire and develop customer knowledge: from customer analysis to the implementation of relevant dashboards for your sector.


Using all the customer data (purchases, contacts, loyalty cards, online navigation, etc), our consultants use their data mining know-how to segment customers (according to their purchasing behaviour, product affinity, receptivity to a channel) and to score them (according to their propensity to respond to an offer, risk of shifting to the competition).


This predictive, analytical and decision-making view of customer behaviour enables the marketing departments to boost the effectiveness of their conquest, development and loyalty building strategies, and therefore to differentiate their offers in real time based on the customer profile. Our clients obtain significant and measurable returns on investments.


The complementary nature of our marketing, CRM, data mining and decision-making skills will enable you to make the right marketing decisions and guarantees operational performance.