Cross Intelligence partners, supplies and supports your IS strategy:

  • We partner your modelling and urbanisation of management systems objectives: BI Master Plan, Service and Skills Centres, BI projects, etc.
  • Solutions provider dedicated to optimising your IS tools: dashboards, budget control, costing and re-invoicing, etc.

Our means are structured to help you achieve your goals:

  • Understanding and urbanisation of your internal client needs.
  • Understanding the challenges through cooperation in project ownership and project management.
  • Multi-partner policy: multi-solutions skills and independence from publishers.
  • Innovation in products and solutions.


Cross Intelligence has developed the following three areas of expertise:

Master BI Plan

We align your Master Business Intelligence Plan with the company business and strategic objectives by streamlining means:

  • Use structure: reporting, dissemination, exploration, simulation and population types.
  • Urbanisation principles: distribution of control functions by EIM components (Data quality and management of data repositories), applied modelling, information collection, dissemination and exploration strategy.
  • Definition of software: tuning the license park, selecting solutions, streamlining tools.
  • Organisation of Human Resources: outsourced services, organisation of skills or service centres for performance management, change management, training, TPM.
  • Trajectory definition: development plan for the IS components.


BI Projects

BI Projects are conducted according to our methodology, (known as Mbox) and adapted to the specifics of these projects:

  • Information content varies over time.
  • High visibility of information.
  • Short delivery times.
  • Firm commitments on a management timetable.
  • Confluence between Project Ownership and Project Management.
  • Integration of several components/software solutions.


Optimisation of IS tools

We encourage the active management of your resources by designing and installing dedicated control, prediction and management applications :

  • Dashboards for strategy and governance measurement: quality of service, bases for requirements, risk management, skills management.
  • Budget control platform covering results forecasts and analysis, by nature (payroll, investment, etc.) and destination (projects, recurring, etc.).
  • Definition and simulation of costs: costs classed per activity justifying chargeback by entity/business.