Already today, and with the explosion of digital data, increasingly in the future, the effort required to collect and aggregate the information necessary for decision-making is immense. 


New solutions have emerged to help automate the heaviest processes:


1) Data extraction from different source systems, data transformation and transport to data warehouses through ETL (Extraction Transformation and Loading)

2) The qualification, cleaning and reconciliation of data due to Data Quality Management (DQM) solutions

3) The building of unified and up-to-date data repositories (customers, products, suppliers, etc.) using Master Data Management (MDM) solutions.


The investment in controlling company data quality can offer many benefits on a daily basis:


  • React speedily to the latest offers from competition: Product MDM [Master Data Management], PIM (Product Information Management)
  • Optimise prospecting by sharing contacts: Client MDM, CDI (Customer Data Information)
  • Reduce costs by globalising the purchases: Supplier MDM
  • Be operational soon after a merger: Organisation MDM
  • Better assess the financial risk: Credit risk MDM
  • Centralise reference data and improve quality
  • Optimise management costs (unified vision, single point of maintenance)
  • Urbanise the Information System (centralise the data, rights, services)
  • Make reference data easier to access (data access services).



Frédéric Chartier, Business Intelligence Manager

An MDM is designed as an ecosystem of complementary solutions: data management, quality management, management of business rules, data integration with the rest of the information system and monitoring the evolution of the data in the repository.


The implementation of an MDM is a project in itself. Cross Intelligence supports you throughout the entire life cycle:

  • Modelling reference data
  • Support in selecting tools
  • Definition of reference management processes
  • Definition of quality processes
  • Technical and software architecture
  • Implementation of the solution
  • Expertise on publisher solutions.



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Talend, a leading provider of Open Source Data Integration solutions, offers a complete range of solutions ranging from traditional ETL combined with Data Profiling, Data Quality Management and MDM.


Today one of the last pure player publishers in data integration, Informatica offers the most robust and most complete solution that will help you manage your data excellently.


With over 20 years of development and evolution in their solution, SAP BusinessObjects 4 is now one of the most complete Business Intelligence solutions, able to meet all your needs, from data integration to presenting your indicators on your iPad.


Other solutions:


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