Your financial performance must be aligned with your strategic goals and depend on operational levers. Cross Intelligence supports you in dealing with the following issues:

Financial reporting & strategic management

Cross Intelligence helps you implement a unified repository ensuring optimal management and effective communication:

  • Translate the strategic plan into financial reports to ensure alignment of financial priorities with the objectives.
  • Identify and animate the KPIs for the various activities and professions in your organisation, in a coherent management repository.
  • Increase your analysis, decision-making and action capabilities through alerts and the regular monitoring of profit centre activities.
  • Industrialise your financial communication with reports that comply with new regulatory requirements: investors, government agencies, comments for annexes, internal control reports.

Budget preparation & planning

Improve budget reliability and revitalise management:

  • Harmonise your budgeting methods and processes by activity and function:
    • Deploy best practices, models and solutions.
    • Rationalise exchanges within companies (subsidiaries, countries, departments, etc.).
  • Translate your ambition into a unified financial platform:
    • Data reliability and traceability.
    • Administration and Sharing of Data Repositories.
    • Security of access and dissemination..
  • Increase team productivity:
    • Less time spent collecting, calculating and disseminating information.
    • Comparability between reality, budgets and forecasts.
    • Automation of effect calculations.
    • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • Plan collaboratively and integrate your forecast chain:
    • Scenarios, budget workflow/case, validation levels, currency conversion and comment management.
    • Coordination by issue: payroll simulation, investments, activity /operating cash flow liaison, etc.
  • Progress from monitoring to pro-active management:
    • Focus on predictive simulation by jobs or structures.
    • Progress from a logic of making projections based on observation (static management) to a logic of extrapolating risks/opportunities (dynamic management).

Statutory consolidation

Optimise your group management, streamline the processes for a global visibility of your activities:

  • Tune processing for increased information availability:
    • Simple management of pro-forma and multi - standard returns.
    • Inclusion in multi function company dashboards.
    • Increased perimeter flexibility.
  • Alignment of subsidiary practices with Group needs for consistency:
    • Elimination of manual re-collection or double feeds.
    • Automation of local/central mapping.
    • Structuring of manual feeds.
    • Connection with subsidiary management systems.

Enterprise performance management (EPM)

To stimulate pro-activity, Cross Intelligence deploys BI tools in your company:

  • Dissemination of customised dashboards (sector, position, profession) to improve responsiveness in each case:
    • IS Department: Analysis and projection of activity by project, assignment, etc.
    • HR Department: Payroll, social report, etc.
    • Administrative and Financial Department: Risks related to deadlines and regulations, etc.
    • Sales Department: Variable compensations for vendors and networks, etc.
  • Reconciliation of operational and intangible information:
    • Profitable growth.
    • Customer satisfaction, corporate image.
    • Process efficiency.
    • Quality and skills management.
  • Optimise the allocation of your resources and improve productivity:
    • Identification of activities and cost drivers.
    • Simulation and allocation of resources (HR, investments, financial means, etc.) for progress in your company results.
    • Transparency of costs and impact on the price / mix strategy.