A few years ago. in a peaceful and stable economic environment, the mere knowledge of a few figures such as the gross income, the operating margin, age balances of customers and suppliers were enough for a manager to drive his company and see it grow.

Today, the volatility of financial markets, the strong currency fluctuations, the versatility of customers and product complexity mean that the analysis of the impacts of change on incomes and purchasing costs, variations in volume / price / currency, customer behaviour alone allows managers to manage their company better, enabling them to traverse economic downturns and be well positioned for recovery.

Olivier Schnorf, Romande Energie, Management Control

In June 2010, during an internal reflection on the progress of our Business Intelligence solutions, Cross advised and supported us, very pragmatically, in choosing a solution that allowed us to develop our analytical and decision-making abilities. The implementation of the application, in partnership with Cross, was smooth, their support method offered us great flexibility and responsiveness from their consultants. Today, we, including the users and the management of Romande Energie, are fully satisfied with this new decision support environment that allows us to push our limits and to increase the reliability of our decision making process. 



Cross Intelligence is an expert in information analysis concepts, such as Business Discovery and Data Mining. We support you in implementing your analysis projects through four steps:

  • Defining the need and the objectives: understanding your expectations and your strategy to define the objectives, the operational context and the expected benefits.
  • Identify useful data: store reliable, up-to-date and traceable data in Datawarehouse or Datamart.
  • Prepare the data: transform, clean and filter the data to create a basis for analysis.
  • Create predictive models: cross, segment, model, compare and select the models.



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QlikView In-memory technology provides the fastest way to take advantage of data locked up in your management systems by avoiding long and costly integration projects. QlikView provides access to all your data sources: from ERP to your relationship data warehouse through your Web servers and even personal data on your PC (Excel, Access, etc.).

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SAS Analytics is an integrated environment for predictive and descriptive modelling, data mining, text analysis, forecasting, optimisation, simulation, experimental design, etc.


With over 20 years of developments and evolution in their solution, SAP BusinessObjects 4 is now one of the most complete Business Intelligence solutions, able to meet all your needs, from data integration to presenting your indicators on your iPad.


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