Joining Cross ...

... means joining a company that is bursting with new ideas. 

You are Cross brand image ambassadors and our key players in the quality of service we provide our customers. Through our diversity, you will discover opportunities and assets to further your career. 

Company Life

Cross' DNA is based on a set of personal and professional values, including:

  • Trust
  • Respect and fairness
  • Commitment
  • Proactiveness and initiative
  • Positive attitude
  • Solidarity

At Cross...

At Cross, we strive to develop a strong corporate culture and rich company life that values each and every employee, both socially and professionally. Friendliness is the name of the game. We hold lots of internal and external events to encourage discussions and networking, including job fairs, client and partner events, and other festivities. Don't miss out!


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Career Development

At Cross, human capital is considered an asset that creates value

That's why we have developed various in-house training and career development programs to help you throughout your career with our company: support, integration, monitoring, mission, staff and skills management, training, etc.

Evelyne Marolla

At Cross, we prefer hands-on management. Professional development is essential in your career. Everyone has a path to follow! That's why we aim to give every single employee positive room to grow.

Evelyne Marolla, Human Resources Manager

Personalized Career Guidance

Become part of our consulting, engineering, or expertise channels, and start moving toward your future. It's easy with the various initiatives in place:

How ? With our various initiatives below :

  • Interim assignment reviews and annual performance reviews to help you build skills and move ahead.
  • A training program – technical, behavioral, and language training – to help you reach your goals. 

 Rising talent is our true added value !

Our Training Program

Cross has developed an in-house training policy designed to identify talented individuals and provide them with short-, medium-, and long-term support throughout their career with us. Our goal is to expand and update the skills, abilities, and knowledge of our employees.  

As an integral component of career development, training supports each and every employee in their skill development and career objectives and guides their career forward. The annual performance review provides an opportunity for managers and employees to identify potential training needs and develop a workable plan together. 

Everyone has different needs. That's why we offer training in several areas :

  • Hard Skills Training: meet specific needs, based on projects and assignments, new partnerships, strategic direction, business objectives, and more..
  • Soft Skills Training: gain the basic skills associated with Cross's various areas of expertise.
  • Behavioral Training: supplemental training to expand employee skill sets by improving their ability to communicate, be assertive, master various negotiation techniques, and more.