A company's general management and business leaders are constantly evaluating the efficiency of processes and the results of their strategies. 

The goal is to optimize performance.

That's why Cross works with you through every step of your evaluation processes – including risk management, human resources management, and purchasing management – to provide consulting, develop solutions for managing business operations, and manage variable compensation.






General Management

The role of general management these days is becoming more about ensuring overall company efficiency. Optimizing overall performance is more profitable, yet equally complicated as improving the individual performance of each function. In this regard, general management must adopt solutions for evaluating, measuring, and managing resources and capabilities.

How we can help

The key is to evaluate the efficiency of processes and their achieved results, taking into account the resources used.
We can guide general management through implementing comprehensive management solutions :


  • Overall performance management: based on the design and implementation of the Balanced Scorecard (BSC), the solution provides structured dashboards, along with key performance indicators, strategic objectives, and actions. The goal is to create a framework for designing the strategy and then break it down into operational action items.
  • Process Performance Management: through Activity Based Management (ABM) solutions, users receive a real understanding of the costs and margins associated with each client, product, service, or business process.
  • Corporate Reporting: through the design and development of concise reporting solutions, at a consolidated corporate level for the various functions, businesses address their reporting issues, especially in cases of heavy decentralization.
  • Information system: the true foundation of comprehensive management, the modern IS must now align with a business's strategic and operational management issues, while addressing all areas. 


Regulations are becoming increasingly complex. This creates a challenge for all economic players continuously confronted with major changes. It is now essential to go beyond mere compliance. Impacts on corporate business models must therefore be integrated into the overall strategy.

How we can help

Cross offers comprehensive support at all levels of risk management.

Audits for internal auditing and control : 

  • Audit of projects
  • Audit of data quality
  • Audit of processes and organization

Missions for risk management :

  • Organization and governance: organization and development of operational structures for governance.
  • Needs analysis and risk management projects.
  • Opportunity studies concerning the selection of software solutions and the development of security organizations for monitoring and complying with procedures.

Support relating to regulatory and compliance issues :

  • Regulatory strategy: Basel, Solvency, SOX, National Inter-Professional Agreement (ANI), etc.
  • Compliance
  • Antifraud and money laundering
  • Anticorruption
  • Reporting

Support relating to information management and information governance issues :

  • Identify the company's strategic reference data and other data
  • Create a path for data planning and development
  • Define information management processes and usage rules
  • Implement necessary IT structures and business areas

HR management

HR performance is central to a company's overall performance. That's why it is so important to focus on expertise, management, talent development and capitalization, and skill building within your teams. For this, Cross can design and implement HR performance solutions. 

How we can help

Specifically, we can help you in the following areas : 

  • Managing HR performance: staff analysis, turnover, absenteeism, etc.
  • Simulating and analyzing payroll: wage drive through seniority and skills, Noria effect, deferral effect, etc.
  • Managing variable compensation and bonuses: calculation and rule modeling, incentive simulation and scheduling.
  • Regulatory HR: corporate management audit and company audit.
  • Employment and skills forecast management.
  • HRIS planning and development: HRIS governance, application-based breakdown of the HRIS, etc.

Through our supplemental change management services, you elevate HR's role as a key player in your company's performance.


Streamlining supplier portfolios, introducing new procurement strategies, and improving the profitability of products/services are all means you can adopt to optimize your purchasing management.

How we can help

We work with you from designing to implementing dedicated solutions for managing the performance of purchasing departments :

  • Strategic management: implementation of purchasing management indicators (average purchase amount per buyer, number of negotiations versus total purchase amount, etc.) and understanding of the supplier/product repository (dependencies/dominance).
  • Supplier manager: analysis of service quality, volume.
  • Analysis of product/service profitability.
  • Purchasing process performance management: purchase requests, orders, receipts, invoice management, etc.


In an uncertain economic environment with fierce competition, it becomes difficult for businesses and stakeholders to manage how their teams are compensated. This is especially true as the digital transformation of businesses returns the focus to client relationships.

Say goodbye to archaic compensation systems that ignore modern realities! Cross works with human resource and sales managers to develop a practical plan for variable compensation. The goal is to achieve better company performance through loyal employees and clients.

Client Benefits

  • Alignment of compensation plans with strategic objectives
  • Development of direct and indirect player performance
  • Employee motivation and loyalty through individualized compensation
  • Internal equity and competitive compensation
  • Transparency for employees and partners
  • Better planning, analysis, and payroll forecasting



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