The abundance of data available today is a wealth of strategic information for your business... as long as you know how to use it right. 

The end result may include better quality master data, stronger business, and a business aligned with your strategy. 

Step 1 :

verify the potential value of collected data before adding it to your business data assets.


Our vision

We work with you through your strategic, organizational, technological, and methodological transformations.

La gouvernance de l'information


A Big Data project is no ordinary project. It triggers huge changes that must reflect your corporate strategy. That's why individualized expert guidance ensures success. Cross can help you with:

  • The project scoping: its description, who is involved, possible data paths, and expected benefits.
  • Sponsoring: sponsor identification and involvement.
  • Management: definition of the composition, role, and governance of the project's strategy committee:
    ​- Representativeness: general management, business leaders, IS
    - Expected workload for members
    - Collaborative tools and procedures
  • The strategy committee's awareness of the specifics of Big Data:
    - Decision-support/Big Analytics analogy
  • Identification of the project challenges, goals, and milestones.
  • Scoping of the project's resources and budget
  • Definition of monitoring and evaluation rules for the strategy committee.


A Big Data project must be business-oriented, and those involved must be able to benefit from the newly acquired value in the IS. The organization must therefore reflect this ongoing collaboration between the business areas and IS management.

Our contribution includes:

  • Implementing decision-support IS business dictionaries: used as a basis for understanding data or knowledge management. In particular, these dictionaries contain data that is critical for managing or optimizing business development. The policy for documenting and sharing data and documents is based on ongoing evaluation, validation, and mapping procedures.

- Cross assists in selecting documentation methods and tools. On a technical level, these are based on metadata from tools used for IS storage and compliance (ETL, DQM, MD, etc.) and make it possible for properly trained business managers to create business dictionaries over time.

  • Defining the organization, direction, and governance of decision-support IS projects by business area.

- Assistance in the selection and setup of collaborative tools for collecting requirements, support, best practices, and miscellaneous information.

- Assistance in building permanent decision-support IS project committees according to each business area.


A Big Data/Big Analytics project builds on the most innovative methods applicable to the decision-support IS. Forget the practices and dogma of today's Business Intelligence, which are already obsolete!

Our contribution includes:

  • Training project teams on data discovery and evaluation methods pertaining to Big Data.
  • Training teams on Agile BI methods.
  • Quickly validating the needs, usability, and data associated with a business request via workshops and a mock-up.
  • Quickly assessing feasibility through an operational prototype and iterative evaluation.
  • Compiling an inventory of the methods used in the existing decision-support IS in order to derive a positive and critical review.
  • Developing the appropriate methods for the culture, resources, and IS/business requirements.
  • Implementing the first Big Data initiative for buy-in.



A Big Data/Big Analytics project tests the limits of the technical platforms used in the decision-support IS. It is therefore essential to adapt existing platforms to these new constraints.

Our contribution includes:

  • Training the IS teams on Big Data markets, players, and practices.
  • Evaluating the performance of the current decision-support IS (and its components) in order to challenge it with new technologies, independently of Big Data.
  • Compiling an inventory of Big Data initiatives in order to perform a gap analysis comparing the existing system to its fully-modernized counterpart.
  • Factoring in the technical components specific to some new organizations:
    Data Labs, Sandbox, Agile BI, etc.
  • Defining the platform's technological roadmap based on the existing system, milestones, project emergencies, and of course, budgets.
  • Assistance in the selection of components to be replaced and missing components.
  • Assembling and deploying the platform.
  • Defining the skill building plan.
  • Permettre à vos équipes de s'approprier le savoir-faire des technologies du Big Data.
  • Valoriser les enjeux métiers de vos projets.
  • Être accompagné tout au long des transformations méthodologiques et technologiques nécessaires.

With our know-how, your teams will be ready to put their newly acquired knowledge to work independently and enjoy the full benefit of new opportunities made possible by Big Data.


With our expertise, Big Data is more than a simple buzzword. The goal is to benefit from your company's current and measurable added value and make your decision-support information system "Big Data-ready".



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