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In today's high-paced environment, faster business cycles mean that businesses must continuously improve their productivity and their operational efficiency.

The quality of reference data (client, product, supplier, structure, etc.), or Master Data Management, is a critical issue for businesses, with a direct impact on the business's competitiveness, efficiency, and responsiveness. 


Central to the information system, this data, which really fuels processes, is shared across countries, subsidiaries, or business areas. It is the business's life source.

This is why data management is key to controlling operating risks. The enterprise architecture must therefore be aligned with the business strategy in order to support business development.

How? Through the use of an agile and structured information system. It should not be an obstacle, but rather a catalyst for innovation that makes it possible to capitalize on Big Data and Cloud technology. Knowledge Management is the key to a business's future competitiveness. 


Our vision


Cross guides you through information governance with the goal of reducing operating risks – particularly at the senior management level – related to the negligent management of reference data.
In the era of Big Data, MDM ensures optimum business performance. At stake for the business is maximum competitiveness in response to increasingly stiff competition.
Data quality is crucial for company performance. The consequences, especially the financial impact, may prove critical. The costs associated with poor quality can be substantial!
Do you want to align your IS architecture with your business strategy and challenges? Cross will work with you throughout your architecture project. 

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For more than ten years, we have been a European leader in helping businesses succeed in data governance, data quality, and master data management.

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